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Since it is extremely difficult for me to find a block of uninterrupted time to write to you thoughtfully/intelligently during my 16 - 18 hour crazy work day, I am writing to you now during my early morning hours.

Below is my corporate testimonial. I can also authorize your draft summary for Chase Press's use as well.

I am writing to thank you and Chase Press Commercial Printing and Direct Mail Services for a terrific job in designing, printing and delivering a terrific Pizza Menu for our company. It was my pleasure to work with you as Account Executive who communicated clearly, knowledgeable, and timely via phone and email what the project will entail, what Chase Press will do, how and when Chase Press will complete the project. as well as various cost options available to me. You and Chase Press graphic designer and press technician delivered to me a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Menu which was clean, well organized and graphically (esthetically) and materially, superior, (superior graphic design, paper and print material) pursuant to my exact specifications, compared to your competition and other industry companies.

Our Menu was delivered on time as promised, and much faster than the industry turnaround time, at very competitive price, pricing being equally important to a small business owner such as myself, and as important as a superior design and print quality product. In the QSR industry/business, in order to succeed, prosper, and compete, it is extremely important that both the food quality AS WELL AS what I call "appearance," "image," or "presentation," or product "packaging" MUST BE THERE (promotion through EXCELLENT PRESENTATION MATERIAL such as, packaging, menu design, print and video advertising). EXCELLENT PRESENTATION MATERIAL INCREASES THE VALUE OF MY GOODS AND SERVICES AND MY BUSINESS because well designed and attractive visual presentation and packaging (brand imaging) PROMOTES/SPURS GREATER/HIGHER SALES VOLUME period.

You and the Chase Press team (graphic designer, press technician, and aids) now have increased the value of my products and services as well as my business and I thank you and the Chase Press team for that!

I look forward to meeting you at my store soon!
Again, please thank the Chase Press team!


Before working with Chase Press, my business had no significant identity in the marketplace.  I, like many others, was just starting out and looking to get my business/name out there as soon as possible not realizing the importance of branding and making a lasting impression.  I was guided to Chase Press to assist me in getting the professional and trusted status that I wanted.  Their Design Team took my idea to a level I could never have thought of on my own.  They took the time to hear my thoughts and guide me into the masterpiece that I now have as the ‘brand’ for my business.  Customers compliment my business cards and flyers all the time now; and the response in my advertising has increased significantly.  My business is all about helping your fellow neighbor and that’s what Chase Press did for me; helped their fellow local business in getting my message across and awareness out there.  I look forward to continuing my relationship with Chase Press and their amazing staff – Thank You!

-Donna Simone

Donald Hosmer does all the menus and flyers for my Restaurant Gino's Trattoria. He does a GREAT JOB on them and is great to work with him putting them together.

-Mark Barbaro

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